News of the Month Club

I believe we need to remember these crazy days but the ways we share the news are so transient. I think every individual needs to find a method of collecting and archiving the news for the next 4 years. This can be taking notes, this can be bookmarking web pages, this can be keeping newspaper clips, this can be making art with the news. I have picked the latter. Every month, I will be creating limited edition prints using the newspapers from that month.

This will become my art practice for the next 4 years. Wake up every morning, french-press fresh ground coffee, pick up the newspaper and basically READ THE NEWS, every single morning, like there is a perfect world out there. I will be keeping some of the articles to make collages at the end of the month. They will be picked based on the aura of the world we live in.

For this practice, I will be staying away from the computer. It will be all about the printed matter. I will start with a printed newspaper, and I will use the paper directly on the scanner of the Risograph. This is a very hands-on process compared to how I used to print before.

Once the collage is made, I will invite an artist to finish the print with a hand-drawn layer (again, no computers.) We will scan the artist’s drawing & print instantly. The results will be shipped to you every month as an artful record of our current history.

I hope you will join me in this way of collecting the news. The first issue will be sent out at the end of February.

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