Best Witch Enamel Pin – by K. Downs

2018 wall calendar, Riso Printed, Sam Schanwald, Industry City

We have been looking for a witch enamel pin for a long time now. Google was not helpful since it either showed way too cute witches, or way too cheesy witches, boots, or witch hats.

And finally we met Krystal Downs and her Witch Club at Hallowzine, Shoestring Studio at 640 Classon Ave., Brooklyn.

Here you can see the Witch Enamel Pin on top of Sean O’Connor’s riso printed golden card. We couldn’t find her online store but we wrote her an email and asked about it. She told us you can email her to get your pins.

You can also see her work at or on her Instagram account @kddaawwgg.

Witch Club Pins and zines by Krsytal Downs

Happy customers of Krystal Downs at Hallowzine


And if you are into all kinds of pins like Witches and DIY Electronics, take a look at the Arduino Enamel Pin. Click on the image below to see the details.
Arduino Pin Enamel pin with Risograph printed back.