We moved to Industry City

We want to get on the roof of Industry City, Building 5 and shout “We moved to Industry City, Wohooooo!” But instead we are writing this post. Let’s see how we got here.

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Printing from a bedroom to a creative studio at Industry City.

Our story started when we got a Risograph printer in 2015. We ran the printshop from a bedroom for almost 2 years. Artists use to come in and sign their prints on the kitchen table. You can ask our artists from our first Drums On Paper show. We worked with more than 30 artists in that setting and finally decided to move out.

Our next stop was a friend’s office. It was great since Risographs were first invented for office use. So our printer felt like it was in place, but we felt we needed more creativity around us. So we decided to move to Industry City after our 1-month residency at Ground Floor Gallery for Drums on Paper: With the Neighbors.

We teamed up with Sam Schanwald Studio and found our current space in Building 5 at Industry City. Now that we have the space and the time, we are ready to expand our projects, services and offerings. If you are familiar (or not) with Risograph printing, scroll down and shoot us an email. We can show you how the process works, and how it can be used. We have teamed up with over 60 artists, and printed many different styles with various techniques.

You don’t have to have a specific project to reach out to us. We want to meet you, and other creatives at Industry City (so tell your neighbors about us too.)

Shoot us an email, and let’s chat about art and printmaking.

You can use the form below, or contact us directly at info@authorizedtowork.us

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