Drums on Paper II – Risograph Print Show

We are getting ready for our next Risograph Print Show – Drums on Paper II

Ben Cowan looking at Lucia Love's Risograph Print NSFW, Risograph Print ShowPinc Louds at Glasshouse, Brooklyn

We are happy to announce the second round of Drums on Paper, Risograph Print Show. It will be a pop-up exhibition on August 8, at Rabbithole Studios, in DUMBO, Brooklyn. 6:30pm-11pm. So mark your calendars and don’t miss this show.

We reached out to 30+ for this show and we have some amazing prints up for grabs. The pop-up show will be a big release party with the artists attending the event. First Drums on Paper was held in November last year. It was a big hit with more than 40 Risograph prints, amazing music by Pinc Louds and tasteful home-brewed beers from Ben Cowan. This time Ben Cowan will be joining the show with his prints. We are so excited to have him back at the show. Participating artists are listed below. We have a great line up.


and Introducing Our Monthly Risograph Print Subscription
Monthly Art Print Subscription, Framed on a wall

At this show, we will introduce our Monthly Risograph Art Print Subscription. For the last two months, we have been testing our idea and now we are ready. Every month, we will print a new work as a limited edition of 100 and send them to our subscribers. Come to the show & see what Risographs are capable of and you will fall in love with this process, its unique texture and personality. We will be offering a Free Month of subscription when you buy a print at Drums on Paper II. (Don’t worry if you have already subscribed. We love you and you will get another offer from us at the show.)

As Authorized to Work in the US team, we believe everyone should be an art collector and prints are a great way to do that. We will be showing you different ways of displaying and storing prints. So you don’t have to worry about the big-old-NYC-“but where will I put them?”-question.

The artists in Drums on Paper II – Risograph Print Show are (in no particular order): Ezequiel M. Consoli, John Richey, Deniz O. Ilhan, Kemal Yilmaz, Christine Romanell, Derrick Schultz, Zeren Badar, Elysa D. Batista, Pete Makela, Ben Cowan, Cem Kocyildirim, Mala Kumar, Hector Serna, Sarah Nicole Phillips, Tom Nussbaum, Julian MacMillan, Tammy Nguyen, Greg Stone, Daniel Vasquez, Camilo Echeverri, Yagmur Yoruk, Eleanor Doughty, Johnny Thornton, Monica Chulewicz, Vandana Jain, Stephen Grebinski, Dean Ebben, George Chang.

Check us out on Instagram to get a sneak peek of the printing process & some layers of the prints: @shameoncem

Photo credit: Logan George